Ambassador Details for Vale of Glamorgan

Vale of Glamorgan Ambassador - Kerry DeCaux
Vale of GlamorganKerry DeCaux
Tel: 07932589050

Hi. I'm Kerry and I'm so excited to be your Ambassador for The Vale of Glamorgan - I can't wait to bring you Alana's cakes. 

Alana has put her heart and sole into creating something really special and that's why I'm so proud to represent her and why I'm confident that you're going to love her cakes too. 

I've tried and tested every cake, they're the most ridiculously yummy, gooey, chocolatey, can't have just one, need more cake ( seriously - trust me on this) that you'll have eaten.

I'll be popping up at festivals and markets in and around your area, keep an eye out on our events section and on facebook. 

So whether you're looking for a treat for yourself, a tasty gift for a friend, or even something to wow your guests at a party or a wedding then you've found the right cakes!

And if you own a cafe / deli and want to give your customers something extra special, get them coming back for more then don't hesitate too get in touch because we'd love to share our cakes with you too.

Born in Wales and made here in Wales, I will bring you the best cakes!