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West Wiltshire Ambassador - Chris Eacott
West WiltshireChris Eacott
Tel: 07552707616

‘Stunningly mouthwatering’

My daughter Ruth and I are extremely proud to be appointed the ambassadors for Wiltshire. We were extremely keen to get involved with Alana in developing the brand in the county as we love good food particularly her cakes, the two words above really sum up her products.

We hope to visit as many food festivals, farmers markets, music festivals, cycle events and any other type of event throughout our wonderful rural county as we can, so please come over and say hello and view the delicious products we have on offer - you will not be disappointed. As well as the normal array of tantalising cakes there will also be regular monthly specials to look out for.

It is our intention to not only serve the events but we are eager to develop relationships with local businesses. So whether you are a Tea Shop, Café, Deli, Garden Nursery, Cricket Club or Community Shop we would be happy to discuss your requirements and arrange a tasting. You can be assured of a first class service and product.

We are also happy to speak to individual customers looking for cakes for a special occasion such as weddings or birthdays.

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