The Ridiculously Rich Gooey Chocolate Brownie

Made with 70% Dark Belgian Chocolate For a Truly Indulgent Treat

The Ridiculously Rich Belgian Chocolate Rocky Road

With Giant Marshmallows & Smothered In 50% Dark Belgian Chocolate

Get Some Ridiculously Rich Goodies!

And The Winner Is......

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January 2017 Is our best yet!!

January 2017 has been by far our busiest yet! The Umpa Lumpa's are working day and night to get all orders fulfilled and appreciate all of your amazing support. Happy New Year!!


Ridiculously Rich By Alana Is Here!!

Finally the transformation from Narna's Cakes is complete! Lots of exciting changes to come over the next few months so be sure to keep an eye on our social media for updates.


New Company Car??

Ever since I was 17 when I applied for Jr apprentice I dreamt of having a ride in this car. Last year that dream came true, be it only for a short ride round the block.