Wow. Yet again, it’s been way too long since I last did one of these. I feel like I basically use this as a dumping ground for all the thoughts going on in my head after a stressful period now, and believe me there are a lot of thoughts!

So, to catch you up since the last time we spoke, I announced the opening of our newest shop in Carmarthen and opened doors last month, albeit a little delayed and with four broken ribs. Yes, four broken ribs. Of course, me being me, I decided we’d do a lot of the hard work in getting it ready ourselves and subsequently took a tumble from an 8-foot ladder. Ouch.



All the same, we managed to get it all done and only a week after our planned opening date. The whole day was fantastic, the place looked amazing, the team were brill and there was lots of happy faces. I’m still not over seeing so many people turn up to buy the cakes that I started making in my parent's kitchen when I was just a teen, though. Always seems so surreal.

Since then, we’ve been working hard on perfecting what we have. No more plans to open another shop anytime soon! I’ve had some hard lessons over the past year, opening 4 shops in that time was a lot. We made mistakes, but we also learnt a lot and I think we’re coming out the other side of it all now. Of course, there are always challenges but I feel more and more confident that we can take those challenges head-on.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now. If you’d like to keep making this little dream of mine a reality then you can always visit one of the shops. We’re in Aberystwyth, Llandudno, Caernarfon and now, Carmarthen too. Alternatively, if those are a little too far, you can always buy a cake from the website you’re on now, but I’m sure you knew that already.

Lots of love always,

Alana x