Okay... I am going to put this out there. This might be the best thing I have ever created. Brownies, Cheesecake layer, Oreo cookies, what is not to love?! It is actually pretty easy to make but will definitely impress.


115g Salted Butter

170g Dark Chocolate

2 Free Range Eggs

150g Caster Sugar

1tbsp Vanilla Extract

1tsp Brewed Coffee & 1st Instant Coffee Granules

Pinch of Salt

105g Self Raising Flour

15 Oreo Cookies


225g Cream Cheese

70g Icing Sugar

1/2tsp Vanilla Extract

You will need a 20cm lined tin


Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees celcius

1. Melt your butter and chocolate in the microwave in 30 second intervals until melted, take care not to over heat

2. While this is melting, in a second bowl (or the bowl of your mixer if you are using) add in your cream cheese, icing sugar and vanilla. Beat this until fully combined, it should go light and fluffy. Set to one side

3. If you haven't pre-made this, now is a good time to make your brewed coffee. Take 1sp of coffee and a small amount of water, just enough to dilute it 

4. By now the butter and chocolate mixture should have cooled a little, add in your coffee and vanilla and mix until combined

5. Now add your 2 eggs and thoroughly stir to combine

6. Next, add your caster sugar and salt and once again, stir until combined

7. Then add your flour and gently fold in until combined with no lumps.

8. Finally, break your Oreo's into smaller pieces (into rough quarters works well) and add around 2/3 of your Oreo's and all your flour to the mix and stir until the flour is combined and Oreo's are all coated, try and ensure there are no lumps

9. Spoon 1/2 of the mixture into you baking tray and spread evenly ensuring to get mixture into the corners

10. Now add dollops of your cream cheese mixture on top of the brownie and gently spread. Avoid spreading this too much as you don't want it to combine with the brownie mixture

11. Now add the rest of your brownie mixture on top, again, not spreading too much so that you don't combine the layers too much. The best way to do this is again, to dollop the mixture on and with a spatula, gently spread

12. The last step is to sprinkle your remaining Oreo's on top and bake for 25-30 minutes until the brownie has a light crust on top

13. This one is super delicious and you may not want to share, so cut yourself a big slice, make a cup of tea and enjoy!

If any of you make this recipe please don't forget to tag me and share with #bakingwithalana, I love seeing your pictures!