The 1st of March, for centuries, has been a national festival to recognise the passing of St David the patron saint of Wales. Traditional festivities partake on this day, including wearing daffodils or leeks, dressing up in traditional garments (often done in schools) and eating traditional Welsh food like cawl, bara brith tea loaf, and Welsh rarebit.

With more and more Welsh cities and towns putting on parades throughout the day, I wanted to partake in some sort of way myself, so this month's specials are in a collaboration with a few other Welsh companies that we love, to make our most Welsh celebratory cakes yet. 


The first cake out of our trio of collabs is a Tregroes Brownie. Tregroes Waffles are a Welsh company based in Teifi Valley that produce delicious… you guessed it… waffles. They are the only business who produce baked waffles in the UK which is even more impressive! With a layer of caramel laced in between the middle of a brownie and topped with chocolate chips and Tregroes’ Waffles delectable Butter Toffee Waffle, this welsh treat is something that cannot be missed. 


Next, we have another brownie but this time it is topped with delicious handcrafted vanilla fudge created by The Fudge Foundry, who are based in the heart of Pembrokeshire. Their fudge is so renowned that they have been awarded with multiple Great Taste Awards by the Guild of Fine Food which can only mean that an amalgamation of our Gooey Brownie topped with chunks of their Creamy Vanilla Welsh Fudge results in happy tummies all around.


Last but not least, would it be a real St David's day without welsh cakes? I don’t think so. So we are heading back to Pembrokeshire for our final delectable collaboration. Tan Y Castell and their award winning welsh cakes topping our scrumptious blondies with jam can only result in the most delicious, most Welsh, and the most cakiest of cakes you can imagine!


So no matter what you are doing this St David's Day, make sure you pick up these treats to get you and your tummy in the Welsh spirit.