Happy national honesty day!! There really is a day for everything these days! Reading through a list online I chose the ones that most resonated with me. National honesty day was one of them. One thing I most certainly am is honest, and this isn’t me blowing my own trumpet, as my friends and family will tell you, sometimes it’s a curse. At times I can be cripplingly honest and have been for as long as I can remember, let alone the stories my parents have told me!

My favourite story is back from when I was a toddler. My mum took me to visit some friends of ours, and while the grown-ups drank tea and chatted, us little ones were left playing. When they eventually looked up there was marker pen drawing everywhere! All over us, their tables, chairs, all over their clean white walls, I mean EVERYWHERE! Once my mum got over the horror and embarrassment, she asked which one of us had done this, and even then I couldn’t lie, throwing both of my hands up and shouting “me!”, safe to say we left pretty sharpish.

Another instance was a good few years ago when I was about 15 and my parents decided I could have a summer party. I was allowed to invite some friends over to camp in the garden (a clever ploy to make it sounds exciting to us kids, but a way to keep the noise and mess out of the house!) As you can imagine, to a teenager, this was so exciting! The only rule was that no boys were allowed, however by this point I had already shouted the invitation around school and invited everyone and their dog! Including boys. Being the goody goody that I was, I told the boys that they could come to the party, but only if they camped in a farmer’s field down the road. Me and my friends crept to the boys' field after midnight with a load of food, stayed there all night and I somehow managed to get away with it. However, the stress and guilt ended up way too much and a week later I just had to blurt it out and tell them! As with most of these situations you build up in your head, my parents were completely fine with it, I was a pretty boring teenager and I think at this age they appreciated my honesty.

In more recent times, somewhere that being honest played a key role, was no doubt on The Apprentice. This was slightly different though, as there is no point even trying to lie! We were being constantly watched, listened to and filmed, so the crew really did know everything, yet some people would still try and get away with things. Trying to hide anything was a sure fire way of being marched straight out the door! Lucky for me, I couldn’t have hidden anything even if I wanted to and it payed off.

However sometimes, being honest has just got me into trouble! When a friend asks “do you like my outfit?” or someone gives me a gift I just wouldn’t have chosen myself, I just can’t help being honest, and as you probably all know, you can read it all on my face! Luckily it has never got me in too much trouble!

Has been overly honest ever got you into trouble? I would love to hear some funny stories! Happy Honesty Day Everyone!