With Veganuary coming to an end I’ve been thinking more and more about people’s dietary requirements/choices.

I know Veganuary can catch some criticism from people on both sides of the meat eating argument but I think ultimately, awareness months like this are important for provoking thoughts around topics you may not otherwise think about. I mean, is that not kind of the whole point of an awareness month? It’s certainly got me thinking anyway. 

Not many people know this about me, it’s never been something I’ve felt the need to shout about, but I’ve been vegetarian my entire life, mostly in part because I was raised that way but also because I can’t now imagine myself sustaining any other diet. I believe it’s important for everyone to have that autonomy over their diet and I have the utmost respect for everyone's dietary requirements, no matter the reason behind them. I said this last time I posted, unveiling the wonderful news about our Vegan brownie staying on the menu but it's always been my goal to make our products inclusive of everyone's needs.

So an update on this, off the back of our success with finding a Vegan cake that works, we’re now spending more time looking at ways we can bring gluten-free options to the market. Focusing first on our brownie, of course. 

It’s important I think that we recognise the role the month of Veganuary has played in this decision because whilst we’ve always been working in silence on ways to offer a more expansive range, it’s certainly helped in giving us that push we needed to get the ball rolling that bit quicker. 

Here’s hoping 2022 is the year where everyone reading this post will be able to enjoy our delicious cakes, regardless of your dietary requirements.