The new Ridiculously Rich website is finally here!

Those who have been following my journey since winning The BBC Apprentice will know that there have been lots of exciting changes over the past few months, with my small bakery business evolving into a national brand with the help of Lord Sugar.

Since being announced as the show’s winner of at the end of 2016, I have been working hard to develop the Ridiculously Rich brand and set out a vision for the future of the company, the most exciting part of this being my new ambassador program. These changes have coincided with the design and development of my brand new website, with the team over at Designer Websites working hard in the background to create an online platform which reflects the future of my business.

It was important to me that my website not only looked great, but also offered excellent functionality and ease of use to my customers and ambassadors, making it a pleasure to use every time that they made an order or enquiry. Having worked with several of The BBC Apprentice winners in the past, Designer Websites knew what it took to make a great business website, and were able to offer intelligent solutions that will benefit everyone who uses my site!

So, what new features can you all expect?

A Quick and Easy Way to Order Your Cakes

My new website is designed to make it as simple and straightforward as possible to order our delicious cakes to your door! The checkout process and secure payment system make it easier than ever to purchase your favourite flavours and monthly specials, allowing you to sit back, relax and wait for your cakes to arrive at your door!

A Ridiculously Rich Subscription Service

Lots of you have been getting in touch on social media to tell me that you can’t get enough of your favourite Ridiculously Rich Cakes. In light of this, we’ve added an easy way for customers to order a regular supply of our cakes, with a fortnightly and monthly subscription service.

Find a Ridiculously Rich Event Near Your Home

Food festivals and markets are part of what made Ridiculously Rich the business it is today, which is why it was important for me to sustain that link with my customers across the country. With my new website, it is easier than ever to find out when and where Ridiculously Rich will be appearing in your local area, thanks to the addition of our new, interactive map!

Become a Wholesale Seller

Our cakes are lovingly made in Wales using the finest quality ingredients, making them the perfect treat to offer your customers! If you sign up to become a wholesale seller with us, you’ll be able to easily manage your orders using our new website, with the ability to stock up on best-selling items at the click of a button!

An Exclusive Area for Ridiculously Rich Ambassadors

It was important for me to be able to offer my new ambassadors a simple and accessible way to manage their own slice of Ridiculously Rich, providing them with access to valuable resources that would help them on their journey. On my new website, the team will have their own log in page to help them plan their events, order stock, and manage customers, as well as allowing them to see my top tips for building a successful business.

I hope you enjoy using my new website! We’re really looking forward to taking your orders, and can’t wait for you to experience the next chapter of Ridiculously Rich with us!