Welcome back for exciting change number 2! If you have read my recent blogs you will know there are a few exciting changes coming. We first announced is that Ridiculously Rich has found a new home for the baking of our cakes, a wonderful bakery in North Wales. This announcement may be a little more of a “watch this space” announcement, full of teasing hints for you! As always, a few of these exciting changes take a little time to fully develop and plan, but I am so excited already, and want you all to come on the development journey with me! I want to be able to share the highs and lows as the reason I am able to do any of this is because of you all! We have asked for quite a lot of advice on our Social Media every now and then, and these changes are because you told us you wanted them to happen and we wanted to make it come true.

Packaged Product!

Some of you will remember on the Apprentice I created a ‘Grab and Go Bar’. I was so proud of this and really excited to develop it into a real, sellable product! It turns out it wasn’t as quick and easy as I thought and would need a lot more time and effort. Like a year!!

A packaged product is something I have always loved the idea of, but after asking our Ambassadors and Wholesalers and loyal customers, everyone agreed that our delicious cakes, in a small ‘Grab and Go’ packaging, would be perfect. Knowing that I had the support of everyone behind me, I cracked on with exactly what I knew everyone would like.

The past few months has especially focused on this, and with the help of our designers, bakery and team, we have been brainstorming to make this as luxury, quality and delicious as Ridiculously Rich is known to be! Finally we are almost at the last few hurdles and just too excited to hide this any further! We know that you guys enjoy seeing the ‘behind the scenes’ of these developments, here are our early designs for the packaging, we have carried on working with our great designer White Sky Creative and can’t wait to show you the finished design.

We have thought long and hard about the cakes we wanted to use and even sneakily asked you all, we know you are going to love them. All will be announced soon!

I can’t wait to share this with you all, if you want to be the first to know when it will be released please email contact@ridiculouslyrichbyalana.co.uk and we will make sure to let you know! You may even get a sneaky discount code!

Ridiculously Rich Family

This is a change that I can share even less about at this stage, but we receive so many questions about this that I just have to share! We have so so so so many people saying I would love to to be an Ambassador with Ridiculously Rich, but I can’t afford the £1000 fee and don’t think I have the time to dedicate to it, we have been working on creating further opportunities to be able to join our family in a slightly different way!

So many hints but this is literally all I can share right now! But, if this sounds exactly like something you would love to know, please email contact@riciculouslyrichbyalana.co.uk letting us know you would be interested in knowing more, and as soon as we can we will share more details and hopefully welcome you into our little (or not so little!) family!

However, our Ambassador opportunities will always be there. Our Ambassadors are loving attending food festivals, family fun days, markets and more and making so many friends along the way, we are always happy to welcome more Ambassadors so you can still apply! But if you would like something a little different, watch this space!