In need of a spooky treat this Halloween? I had great fun making these spider web cupcakes! They look so impressive and are super easy to make, why not grab a friend or do this as a Halloween game with your children? Everything you will need is listed below, and to see the full tutorial, head over to our Ridiculously Rich by Alana YouTube Channel!

You will need:

- Pre-made cupcakes (whatever flavour you like!)
- Buttercream Icing (pre-bought or home made)
- Black Icing Tube Pen
- Cake Tester / Cocktail Stick
- Chocolate Buttons
- Decorating Eyes

To make:

- Ice your cupcakes using the buttercream icing, as thick as you like!
- Draw multiple circles around the cupcake with the icing pen
- Use a cake tester or cocktail stick to pull out lines from the centre to get the spider web effect
- Add edible eyes to the chocolate buttons to create your spiders!

I hope you enjoyed these tasty treats, if you do try them, don't forget to share using #bakingwithalana, I would love to see your photos! Don't forget to like my tutorial ( and subscribe to our YouTube channel for even more baking Tips & Tricks!