Never one to do anything by halves, this month, along side the busiest month of events I decided to take on not one but two new challenges. One, I decided to re vamp my website and have an online shop, after years of being asked if I can sell my products online so you lovely people can treat yourselves more than once a year at your local food festival. Two, I decided to work on the wholesale side of my business so more cafes and delis can stock my products.

All this came at the cost of a lot of amazing peoples time who went above and beyond to get everything in order for me.

What was first, well in true girly style I decided the first thing I needed was a lovely photo shoot of me baking (of course this was all for business and not at all for vanity) I asked the incredibly skilled Keith Morris to help me with this one. Not only did he take some lovely pictures but he also sourced an amazing kitchen to take the lovely pictures in. It was incredibly fun, if a little strange pretending to be having the most fun I have ever had whilst dusting flour onto brownies (that’s right I forgot my icing sugar so flour had to do)

Alana's Cakes

Next came the website, and not just the website but the visibility of my website. Now I’m sure most people are in the same boat as me when it comes to understanding SEO and that’s a sinking one with a big whole in the side and only a prit stick to fix it. I called upon an old School friend Deviesh to help with this, with his experience in this field with some pretty big companies websites I thought there would be no better person. When explaining how it works he used a lot of comparisons to people coming to my door which was a little unsettling but I have been assured it’s a just to explain it all to simpletons like myself.

Finally came the design work for my new packaging for sale to both cafes/delis but also on line sales. I didn’t really know what I was looking for with this, always helpful to a graphic designer. I took my non idea to Josh at Whitesky Creative. He went above and beyond. Coming up with 3 initial ideas I whittled it down to one, this was incredibly hard as I am terrible at making decisions. I love being a vegetarian so much because it means you have to make less decisions in life.

Alana's New Packaging for Home Deliveries

Now its all up and running, you can now order online and have my cake delivered to your door. I couldn’t have done it without you amazing people so thanks a million. heres to many more impulse decisions…