Well, what a busy few months we have had!
It turns out that the new website was just the tip of the iceberg of all the exciting changes to come. 

Firstly, after announcing that Ridiculously Rich were looking for an army of cake-loving Ambassadors, we were completely inundated with applications; leading to several long days fuelled by coffee and (of course!) cake, reading through everyone’s wonderful comments on why they wanted to become part of the Ridiculously Rich family. 

I eventually managed to narrow it down to nineteen amazing mini-me’s ready to start their own adventure with Ridiculously Rich and head off to sell our cake across the UK! We all met at the beautiful Celtic Manor, Newport for a training day which started out with glorious sunshine; so we decided to commemorate the moment and take a group photo outside. I headed off to collect a banner for the photo, managed to loose everyone else in the process and by the time I returned the heavens had opened and we were met with torrential rain! This being the reason we all look a little bedraggled and very ready to head back indoors! All in all it was an amazing day and I am so happy to have such an energetic passionate group working with me.

Ridiculously Rich ambassadors

Now that the wild rush of the Apprentice is over, I have been able to get back to my favourite place, the kitchen. I probably spend at least 60% of my time baking, which has clearly paid off as the last few recipes I loved and decided share with you all, as part of our monthly specials, have been so popular we have started a monthly subscription for the fellow cake lovers that fancy a new tasty treat every month. Let me tell you, you are in for some deliciousness over the next few months if I say so myself! As a little thank you for letting me get back to my passion of experimenting with all things sweet we have a 10% off your first box when you subscribe for our monthly specials using code RRSUB10.

The developments don’t stop there! I have been working on a super-secret project for a few months that I am especially excited about, and so glad I can finally share. If you want to see me giving baking tips, hauls, chatting with my fellow Apprentice finalists and more; Ridiculously Rich will now have regular YouTube videos going out once a week! I decided the first one just had to be a catch up on how we are doing out of the boardroom. It was lovely to meet up with these three again, and it has had such a great reaction from you all that I just can’t wait for you to see the next one, sneaky hint: I may or may not be back in the kitchen!

Ridiculously Rich YouTube Channel

There is nothing better than being busy doing what you love, and I am just as excited for what the next few months hold for Ridiculously Rich. I will soon be getting ready to read over a whole new batch of Ambassador Applications ready to grow our little family even more and plenty of exciting plans up my sleeve.

I will be keeping you all updated, so watch this space!

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