During our 16 Days of Christmas deals, we gave you all a one off chance to get your hands on one of my all time favourite treats, a Chocolate Orange Tiffin. With its buttery, chocolate biscuit and smooth chocolate orange topping, it really is pure indulgence for the festivities. You all went mad for it so I have decided to gift you the recipe so that you can enjoy this delicious treat whenever you would like, Merry Christmas from me! I am very excited because I have never shared a recipe for something I have made to sell before.

INGREDIENTS to make 1 tray's worth:

240g 70% dark chocolate
172g digestive biscuit crumb
82g broken digestive biscuits
112g butter 
56g syrup


150g white chocolate
150g condensed milk
Orange flavour to taste (I recommend Morrisons “the best” )
Bright orange colouring

15g dark chocolate to drizzle on top


1. Melt the dark chocolate, margarine and syrup in a small pan (don't burn the chocolate!)
2. Remove from the heat and mix in the broken biscuits
3. Place the mixture in a tray and push down firmly to create the base
4. Place in the fridge to set while you work on the topping
5. Melt white chocolate and condensed milk in a small pan
6. Gradually add the colour and flavouring to your taste
7. Remove the base from the fridge and evenly spread the topping over it
8. Drizzle with dark chocolate and put back into the fridge to set

Once set take out of the fridge and enjoy! Isn't it such a great and easy recipe! If any of you make this over the Christmas period please don't forget to share with #bakingwithalana, i love seeing your pictures!