What a week it’s been at Ridiculously Rich HQ; interviews are all done and dusted and I was able to meet so many lovely people eager to join our ever growing family of Ambassadors, I am so excited!

I begun working on my business from a very early age, so I haven’t had to attend many interviews; except for small summer jobs but they never felt too intimidating sat in my school uniform in a coffee shop or restaurant. The only real experience I have is when applying to be on The Apprentice, and wow! What an experience it was! Now, I can’t give away all the juicy details, all I can say is it was gruelling, long, with a lot of different stages! After the initial shock and huge wave of nerves I really got into my stride, and I absolutely loved every minute of it!

What I can tell you is that I definitely wasn’t prepared when they decided to give me an item and ask me to sell it to the people conducting my interview. Having recently watched the Wolf of Wall Street I was picturing being handed something ordinary like a pen as Leonardo DiCaprio does in the film, already imagining exactly how I can sell this! But what I was handed was not a pen, it was washing up gloves. But not useful washing up gloves, washing up gloves with all of the fingertips cut off! I didn’t know whether to panic or burst out laughing! I fumbled my way through a pitch of why they were the best invention since sliced bread and it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would. One poor contestant was given an old banana peel, not sure how I would have spun that one! It must have worked, because low and behold I was given a place on the show! Although I don’t think I will be releasing my own line of finger-less washing up gloves any time soon.

When I interviewed the first round of Ambassadors, they seemed to be expecting an Apprentice style board room scenario, where I have a secretary call them in and then grill them on their knowledge of the business. Many seemed very surprised when I just wanted to have a friendly chat and get to know everyone, I was far too excited to be all serious and stern faced!

This time around I was debating throwing some funny questions into the interviews. Maybe I should have asked them to hum the Apprentice theme tune or give me their best Mary Berry impression, but I ended up just over the moon to meet so many friendly faces. Have you had any funny interview stories? I would love to hear them!