Family day out

Now that I am lucky enough to have my wonderful team of Ambassadors attending events across the country and selling our yummy cakes, I actually managed to attend a show and visit everyone else’s stalls instead of being behind one. The whole family went to Tysoe Flower Show & Fete, and what a day we had!

It was such a quaint country show with a Classic Car Competition, your usual fun Fete games and plenty of lovingly made crafts for sale, including a competition for decorating a tea spoon with miniature flowers, they were so pretty. The chain saw completion was definitely my dad’s favourite and he took great delight reminding us all of the sport ‘Jalloging’ he has invented which involves (you guessed it) chopping down a tree into logs and jogging with them to the log pile, 2018 Winter Olympics here we come!

First prize

The dog show was a personal favourite; there were some of the cutest and most well behaved dogs there! Our Westie Fergus would have definitely been an embarrassment in comparison; the last time we took him to a similar event he decided the ideal place to relieve himself would be on my auntie’s leg, who didn’t realise until someone shouted to her across the street “Excuse me miss! Your dog is peeing on your leg!” we laughed so much that Fergus was jumping up and down, wagging his tail, convinced he’d done something great, not sure my auntie felt the same way.


And of course, where there is a country show, there is cake! Do any of you fellow bakers instantly find yourself acting as a judge when you see any kind of cake competition? I found myself doing a Paul Hollywood style critique for my family, and I was rather good at it if I say so myself. I do love our Ridiculously Rich gooey chocolate brownies, but the winners brownies at the Tysoe Show did look very scrumptious too. There was no Ridiculously Rich stall this time, but maybe we will see you next year Tysoe, unless you’d rather invite my dad for his Jalloging abilities!

Alana and friends

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your family and friends, I know I loved mine.

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