If spending the last few weeks in the kitchen developing trays and trays of delicious special recipes for our monthly subscribers wasn't enough, I set myself the challenge to create the ultimate traybake! What better place to start than with everyone's childhood favourite chocolate chip cookies, moreish peanut butter, fancied up with delicious pecans!

After combining some of my favourite ingredients I think I have cracked it! And it is far too good for me to keep all for myself, so for anyone tempted, here is the recipe.


400g crushed chocolate chip cookies
Small pinch of salt
220g melted salted butter
150g smooth peanut butter
110g icing sugar
100g dark chocolate
100g pecans
350g condensed milk
extra melted chocolate to decorate – white and dark


1. Pre-heat your oven to 180C
2. Crush your cookies in a bag using a rolling pin. You want to leave a few larger chunks, mix in a small pinch of salt.
3. Melt 150g of the butter and pour over the crushed cookies and combine.
4. Place 2/3 of the mixture in a lined square baking tin, around 20x20cm, and press down to make a firm base
5. Melt the remaining 70g of butter along with the peanut butter in a pan or microwave (if using a pan stir continuously to make sure it doesn’t burn on the bottom). Once melted mix in the icing sugar and whip until smooth.
6. Blob bits of this mixture around the tray leaving gaps in between.
7. Sprinkle on a layer of the chocolate chips followed by the pecans and then the remaining cookie mixture, repeating if you have further ingredients to use, until its all layered in the tin and you can no longer see the peanut butter blobs.
8. Now cover the entire mixture in condensed milk, make sure you pour into all the edges too so that it is all covered. This will turn to a delicious caramel as it bakes.
9. Place on a middle shelf in the oven for 20 minuets. Once it is done it will have a smooth skin and be golden in colour. If any of the condensed milk appears uncooked, leave in the oven and check every 2-3 minutes until completely cooked.
10. Take out of the oven and resist the urge to tuck in until completely cool. Cut into squares and drizzle with lots of delicious melted chocolate
11. Make a cup of tea and enjoy!!

I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe and as always, if you do try it, please share a photo using #bakingwithalana I would love to see your creations! I will be talking all about this recipe on BBC Radio Wales on the 10th of November at 1:15pm for #foodiefriday so tune in!