The Great British Bake Off has sadly ended (what did you all think of the result? It was such a close one!) and the weather is becoming a little crisper, so what better to do than have a baking frenzy!

Around a month ago I asked all of my lovely customers and Ambassadors to suggest flavours for our 2018 monthly specials, and we were completely inundated with comments and emails suggesting all sorts of weird and wonderful combinations!

Excited to start baking, I headed back to my cosy country kitchen, surrounded with sacks of flour, masses of Belgian chocolate and armed with wooden spoons and spatulas. When I first began my business, it was always inventing and testing recipes that I loved the most. My family wouldn’t see me for days on end as I would be up at the crack of dawn all through till the early hours surrounded by sponges, tray bakes and buckets of melted chocolate. When I finally perfected my now famous Gooey Chocolate Brownie it was the most amazing feeling, I forced every member of my family to have at least 2 slices to celebrate, they didn’t say no!